Sunday, November 6, 2011

Answering Your Questions

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I've been posting to this blog for about two years now. I've received many e-mails and comments regarding the issues I write about. Many people ask me how I receive such information, and how I come to some of the conclusions I do. The answer is simple: Look behind the headlines. Look a little deeper into the stories you read about online, or see on television, or listen to on the radio.
The truth is there, more often than not, right in front of your eyes.


With nearly everything I post about, I generally 'source' my information. Not just to one website, or newspaper article, or video clip, etc.... But to many. I take my online credibility quite seriously.

You'll see in articles I've written about ChemTrails: I link to movies, magazine articles, and video clips that support my claims.
In articles I've written about the New World Order, or North American Union: I again have linked said posts to other websites, video clips, audio clips, and other reputable sources of information.

I communicate quite regularly with 'Big Wigs', (and their people), in the conspiracy community. I'm not going to drop any names here, but rest assured, you've heard of most of them.
I'm not asking you to believe everything I say without a bit of investigating yourself. You could, however, just wait a little while, and see with your own eyes what I say to be pretty damned close to the truth.  
I'd like to once again thank you for your support, and continuing to read my posts.  
Remember:  It's not a conspiracy theory, if you can back it up with facts! 

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  1. As a person I'd like to consider myself some what intelligent and as the signifigant other of a self proclaimed "Conspiracy theorist" I fully understand the concept of there is a Side A to a story and side B to a story and somewhere in the middle is the real truth.

    I DO NOT blindly believe what is pumped at me daily through the mass media but also feel the conspiracy followers have also failed to 100% convince me of their "opinions" either, as an opinion is all I view it as.

    But thank you for your thought provoking info, which you back up with even more thought provoking "opinions" in the way of video clips, photos and articles. (none of which I find to be real proof)

    If nothing else at least it keeps people thinking and searching for the REAL truth, while creating some interesting dialogue. Way to keep people on their toes!!!!!