Thursday, April 26, 2012

They STILL Lie To You!!

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I've been saying it for years:  Mainstream Media LIES to you, me, and everyone else.
We're all being told that Mitt Romney is mopping the floor, so to speak, in the GOP race.  This video suggests otherwise.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Global Warming Gets An Ass Kicking!

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I've been saying it for years now.  So has many other people:  GLOBAL WARMING IS JUNK SCIENCE!!!
No we have former NASA employees including scientists, and astronauts openly asking NASA to cease and desist from publicly stating that Man-Made Global Warming is a scientific fact.

In a letter signed by 50 former NASA employees, NASA is asked to not ignore thousands of years of data refuting Man-Made Climate Change.

Here’s the letter:
March 28, 2012
The Honorable Charles Bolden, Jr.
NASA Administrator
NASA Headquarters
Washington, D.C. 20546-0001
Dear Charlie,

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites. We believe the claims by NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change are not substantiated, especially when considering thousands of years of empirical data. With hundreds of well-known climate scientists and tens of thousands of other scientists publicly declaring their disbelief in the catastrophic forecasts, coming particularly from the GISS leadership, it is clear that the science is NOT settled.
The unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change is unbecoming of NASA’s history of making an objective assessment of all available scientific data prior to making decisions or public statements.
As former NASA employees, we feel that NASA’s advocacy of an extreme position, prior to a thorough study of the possible overwhelming impact of natural climate drivers is inappropriate. We request that NASA refrain from including unproven and unsupported remarks in its future releases and websites on this subject. At risk is damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA, NASA’s current or former scientists and employees, and even the reputation of science itself.
For additional information regarding the science behind our concern, we recommend that you contact Harrison Schmitt or Walter Cunningham, or others they can recommend to you.
Thank you for considering this request.
(Attached signatures)
CC: Mr. John Grunsfeld, Associate Administrator for Science
CC: Ass Mr. Chris Scolese, Director, Goddard Space Flight Center
Ref: Letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, dated 3-26-12, regarding a request for NASA to refrain from making unsubstantiated claims that human produced CO2 is having a catastrophic impact on climate change.
1. /s/ Jack Barneburg, Jack – JSC, Space Shuttle Structures, Engineering Directorate, 34 years
2. /s/ Larry Bell – JSC, Mgr. Crew Systems Div., Engineering Directorate, 32 years
3. /s/ Dr. Donald Bogard – JSC, Principal Investigator, Science Directorate, 41 years
4. /s/ Jerry C. Bostick – JSC, Principal Investigator, Science Directorate, 23 years
5. /s/ Dr. Phillip K. Chapman – JSC, Scientist – astronaut, 5 years
6. /s/ Michael F. Collins, JSC, Chief, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, MOD, 41 years
7. /s/ Dr. Kenneth Cox – JSC, Chief Flight Dynamics Div., Engr. Directorate, 40 years
8. /s/ Walter Cunningham – JSC, Astronaut, Apollo 7, 8 years
9. /s/ Dr. Donald M. Curry – JSC, Mgr. Shuttle Leading Edge, Thermal Protection Sys., Engr. Dir., 44 years
10. /s/ Leroy Day – Hdq. Deputy Director, Space Shuttle Program, 19 years
11. /s/ Dr. Henry P. Decell, Jr. – JSC, Chief, Theory & Analysis Office, 5 years
12. /s/Charles F. Deiterich – JSC, Mgr., Flight Operations Integration, MOD, 30 years
13. /s/ Dr. Harold Doiron – JSC, Chairman, Shuttle Pogo Prevention Panel, 16 years
14. /s/ Charles Duke – JSC, Astronaut, Apollo 16, 10 years
15. /s/ Anita Gale
16. /s/ Grace Germany – JSC, Program Analyst, 35 years
17. /s/ Ed Gibson – JSC, Astronaut Skylab 4, 14 years
18. /s/ Richard Gordon – JSC, Astronaut, Gemini Xi, Apollo 12, 9 years
19. /s/ Gerald C. Griffin – JSC, Apollo Flight Director, and Director of Johnson Space Center, 22 years
20. /s/ Thomas M. Grubbs – JSC, Chief, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Branch, 31 years
21. /s/ Thomas J. Harmon
22. /s/ David W. Heath – JSC, Reentry Specialist, MOD, 30 years
23. /s/ Miguel A. Hernandez, Jr. – JSC, Flight crew training and operations, 3 years
24. /s/ James R. Roundtree – JSC Branch Chief, 26 years
25. /s/ Enoch Jones – JSC, Mgr. SE&I, Shuttle Program Office, 26 years
26. /s/ Dr. Joseph Kerwin – JSC, Astronaut, Skylab 2, Director of Space and Life Sciences, 22 years
27. /s/ Jack Knight – JSC, Chief, Advanced Operations and Development Division, MOD, 40 years
28. /s/ Dr. Christopher C. Kraft – JSC, Apollo Flight Director and Director of Johnson Space Center, 24 years
29. /s/ Paul C. Kramer – JSC, Ass.t for Planning Aeroscience and Flight Mechanics Div., Egr. Dir., 34 years
30. /s/ Alex (Skip) Larsen
31. /s/ Dr. Lubert Leger – JSC, Ass’t. Chief Materials Division, Engr. Directorate, 30 years
32. /s/ Dr. Humbolt C. Mandell – JSC, Mgr. Shuttle Program Control and Advance Programs, 40 years
33. /s/ Donald K. McCutchen – JSC, Project Engineer – Space Shuttle and ISS Program Offices, 33 years
34. /s/ Thomas L. (Tom) Moser – Hdq. Dep. Assoc. Admin. & Director, Space Station Program, 28 years
35. /s/ Dr. George Mueller – Hdq., Assoc. Adm., Office of Space Flight, 6 years
36. /s/ Tom Ohesorge
37. /s/ James Peacock – JSC, Apollo and Shuttle Program Office, 21 years
38. /s/ Richard McFarland – JSC, Mgr. Motion Simulators, 28 years
39. /s/ Joseph E. Rogers – JSC, Chief, Structures and Dynamics Branch, Engr. Directorate, 40 years
40. /s/ Bernard J. Rosenbaum – JSC, Chief Engineer, Propulsion and Power Division, Engr. Dir., 48 years
41. /s/ Dr. Harrison (Jack) Schmitt – JSC, Astronaut Apollo 17, 10 years
42. /s/ Gerard C. Shows – JSC, Asst. Manager, Quality Assurance, 30 years
43. /s/ Kenneth Suit – JSC, Ass’t Mgr., Systems Integration, Space Shuttle, 37 years
44. /s/ Robert F. Thompson – JSC, Program Manager, Space Shuttle, 44 years
45. /s/ Frank Van Renesselaer – Hdq., Mgr. Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters, 15 years
46. /s/ Dr. James Visentine – JSC Materials Branch, Engineering Directorate, 30 years
47. /s/ Manfred (Dutch) von Ehrenfried – JSC, Flight Controller; Mercury, Gemini & Apollo, MOD, 10 years
48. /s/ George Weisskopf – JSC, Avionics Systems Division, Engineering Dir., 40 years
49. /s/ Al Worden – JSC, Astronaut, Apollo 15, 9 years
50. /s/ Thomas (Tom) Wysmuller – JSC, Meteorologist, 5 years

Global Warming Rebellion Rocks NASA

50 Top Astronauts, Scientists Sign Letter Slamming NASA For Promoting Man-Made Climate Change Dogma

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running For The Border

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After reading a few articles on one of my favourite forums, (Above Top Secret), and other websites, and news broadcasts, and radio programs, something is starting to become quite apparent to me:  No longer are the days of people rushing to the American border.  It seems more and more Americans are fleeing north.  That's right, more and more Americans are beginning to see what the rest of the world has known for decades:  that Washington D.C. holds the most vile, unethical, morally bankrupt government in the developed world. 

True, there are still plenty 'GO AMERICA GO!" citizens, but more are becoming aware of the election fraud, staged protests, FEMA Camps, etc... And are getting fed up with it. 

Even the staged "Peaceful Anarchy" protests of OWS failed to have their desired affects.  Sure, a few copy-cat protest popped up around the country, and even up here in Canada.  But what was accomplished but a few arrests?  You probably just answered in your head with the same statement I did:  "absolutely nothing". 

Canada, (the lesser of the 3 evils of North America), has a very lax immigration policy.  You can cross the border, and immediately claim Refugee Status.  By the time all the red tape in removed, you would have more than enough time to go into hiding, (provided you have friends of family here).  Or, alternatively, you could move here legitimately.  I'm not sure what the process is, or the length of time required to immigrate to Canada from the United States, but it took a friend of mine almost FOUR years to immigrate to the United States from Canada. 

There are also an unprecedented number of Americans, (and Canadians, and many people worldwide), cashing in their hard earned dollars into physical gold, silver, and food.  My advice:  Do the same. 

Rome fell once.  The New Rome will fall again in the very near future.  There is a greater number of Americans who are beginning to see the writing on the wall.....  Hence running North.... Stockpiling food, hoarding precious metals. 
Or, is this just what The Illuminati want...?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fluoridation? What is Fluoride, anyway??

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What is Fluoride isn't good for us?  Sure, it helps our teeth and bones grow, but at what cost?
To understand exactly what Fluoride is, and how it came to permeate our water supply, we'll have to look back through history:

FLUORIDE is a term used to describe compounds derived from a poisonous gas called FLUORINE.  These substances have many uses, and the protection of human tooth enamel is not necessarily the most important one.  Fluoride occurs naturally in some water sources, but The United States did not Fluoridate water until the 1940's.  Sources report that Russians and Germans Fluoridated water first... And not because of Dental Health.  Instead, they believed it promoted passivity, and lowered the number of guards required in Gulags, and Concentration Camps. 
When The U.S. started putting Fluoride into the water supply, citizens across the country raised in uproar.  This is back when protests used to mean something.  But, these protests still didn't stop Fluoridation.  So what happened?

Pro Fluoride businesses and Government Agencies contacted legendary father of Public Relations:  Edward Bernays.  Bernays was the original Spin Doctor, and a nephew of Sigmund Freud. 
He had already used his marketing skills to make bacon a symbol of American breakfast.  He also proved his medal playing with the dark side of advertising:  Propaganda.  He organized a P.R. campaign to convince Americans to support an invasion of Guatemala.  Fluoride was just another opinion war.  Instead of launching the usual Ad Campaign, Bernays contacted Dental Associations, and had those dentists plug Fluoride to their patients.  Soon Fluoride was a matter of public debate.  But the debate was uneven:  It focused on the oral benefits of Fluoride, without mentioning the it's other affects.  Or even mentioning where Fluoride comes from.  Scientists paid by the Industrial Government Coalitions only said that Fluoride is safe at one part per million.  Here's the kicker:  After that dosage Fluoride is bad.  VERY BAD.  While it can benefit teeth and bones, the potential dangers of this chemical may far outweigh the dental perks.
Exposure to Fluorine can reduce I.Q., damage teeth, and cause arthritis.  Those brown spots on your teeth aren't from not brushing enough.  They may be from brushing too much.  Using Fluoridated toothpaste, and drinking Fluoridated water causes a condition called FLUOROSIS.

Both critics and supports of Fluoridation agree that Fluoride is toxic after a certain threshold.  It's potentially fatal.  Yet even today, critics of Fluoridation are black-balled when they go on the record about Fluoride's harmful effects.  Is there something your dentist doesn't want you to know?

So, if it's bad for us, why does it remain in the water supply?  Why can't we talk about it in public?  Most importantly:  Where does this Fluoride come from?  It's industrial waste.  The Fluoride we find in our water supply comes from phosphate and aluminum factories.  The Fluoride found in drinking water was and is not the same pharmaceutical Fluoride found in toothpastes.  Instead the Hexafluorosilicic Acid used in our waters is a by-product of aluminum factories, fertilizer manufacturing, and Atomic bombs.  That's correct:  The Atomic Bomb!  It came into the public eye just as The U.S. Fluoridated it's water supply.  Coincidence? 

According to some sources, declassified government correspondence states that the manufacturers of Atomic bombs required millions of tonnes of Fluoride.  
The government asks A-Bomb scientists to generate safety studies that showed Fluoride in a favourable light.

Officials buried research into Fluoride's effects on the central nervous system, despite evidence that these effects were both significant, and dangerous.
Consider:  The first on-the-job injuries and lawsuits in the Atomic Program were about Fluoride exposure, not radiation poisoning.
imagine how much more cost effective mass Fluoride use becomes when no agency or business needs to worry about environmentally friendly disposal.  Just chuck it into the water as a Health Benefit!  All the while avoiding millions of dollars in Safety Checks, Lawsuits, and disposal fees.  If you're a large corporations, it's the deal of a lifetime.
Sabotaging critics who won't go along with the scam, is more than worth the money.

Conspiracy theorists (you and me),  don't stop with the A-Bomb.  For many researches, Fluoride isn't just an industrial byproduct.  It's a first step towards a Global Government, and a New World Order.  Siting wartime accounts of Russian and German water management, some sources believe that Fluoridation is a scheme to "passify" the common man.  researchers compare the over-all effect to a Lobotomy. 
Since Fluoride collects in the Pineal gland, and the Hypothalamus, researched believe that Fluoride is designed to impair brain function.

With a sheepish and docile public, the Illuminati will smoothly implement plans for a unified World Government.  no one will care about wars, foreign affairs, or political scandals.....  So long as their Television works, and the water keeps flowing.  This paints a disturbing portrait of the future.

But could it be true?  Could there be a secret organization slowly eroding our intellect?  Or, did the mad rush for Atomic power birth a backroom deal between America's Military and giants of industry?  Resulting in decades of deception.  Have we all been douped into believing this Fluoride is beneficial?

japan, and most of Europe have banned the practice of Fluoridation, due to health concerns.  The United States and Canada are two of just a few nations that persist in this practice... As well as the manufacturing of Nuclear weapons.
So, why do we Fluoridate our water supply?  To clean our teeth?  To make Nuclear bombs?  To dumb us down?  You decide.