Friday, November 12, 2010

Declining Currency & The N.A.U.

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As we've noticed lately, the American Dollar just isn't what it used to be. Due to inflation, products that cost about $1.00 in 1913 cost about $7.00 in 1963, and around $22.00 in 2010. The U.S. isn't the only country watching its money buy less each year. While some politicians hope to change this by changing national laws.... Others are thinking of a NEW approach.

In 1988, Canadian economist and politician Herb Grubel proposed The Amero as in international currency for North America. Similar to the European Unions Euro.

With this currency integration, The United States, Mexico and Canada would gradually phase out The Dollar, The Peso and The Loony, in favour of a single currency. Universal Currency Systems do have advantages, however. For example: They don't fluctuate as easily. But, these systems also have drawbacks. Sure, it's easier to control the value of money, but once you've got this gigantic system running, who controls it?? With a Universal Currency, a single entity dictates the interest rate, controlling inflation and deflation, and ultimately, the worth of the currency printed. To many people, that's too much power for any single organization to process. But, to Conspiracy Theorists, (that's you and me), this is just the first step.

Many Anti-Federalist Conspiracy Theorists, (us), believe that the proposal of The Amero is one of the first steps in the establishment of The North American Union... And eventually, a One World Government. Conspiratists fear that this Union is meant to deprive states of their sovereignty, and to deprive U.S., Mexican, and Canadians of their respective Constitutional Rights.

So, where's the proof?

There are several hoaxes used to support this theory, such as The Amero coin. Conspiracy Theorists such as Hal Turner, have erroneously claimed that this coin is a genuine example of currency being secretly minted by the American Federal Reserve. However, according to Daniel Carr, the manufacturer of The Amero coins, they are just fantasy coins, with no legal use as currency.

While this coin may be fake, the desires of the politicians involved are VERY real. in an interview with CNN, Mexico's President, (now former President), Vicente Fox, expressed a desire for closer economic relations, and eventually economic convergence with The United States.

As fears over the idea of a North American Union grew, politicians took pains to state that there were no plan to create an American version of The European Union.

This hasn't stopped Libertarian, Anti-Federal Reserve politicians, such as Ron Paul from voicing their disdain from this proposal, and its implications. To some, Congressman Ron Paul's opposition is a dollar short, and a day late. They believe The United Nations, international banks, and businesses have already started integrating The United States, Mexico and Canada.

This isn't a 'FRINGE' issue anymore. In 2006, CNN Anchorman Lou Dobbs claimed The North American Union was already being constructed.

As evidence, these theorists point to organizations such as The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America: An initiative meant to increase the security and co-operation between the three countries on the North American Continent. This organization is not unique: Countries around the world have formed regional coalitions for any number of reasons.

While it's obvious that 'GLOBALIZATION' have brought more countries together, than ever before, that doesn't mean they will inevitably become a single entity..... At least, that's what the mainstream believes. But across North America, citizens weary of the declining American Dollar, and Mexican Peso look for an answer in an age of uncertainty. That's where we come in. We're trying to find the answers to the questions that the 'Talking Heads' either refuse to, or are afraid to ask.

Ask questions. Think for yourself. You own your brain.... It's probably the only thing you can keep for yourself.

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