Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Isn't This In North American News?

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It doesn't surprise me that this issue isn't really being covered in North American media. After all, the less we know, the better off we are, right?
This is from Al Jazeera:

UN atomic agency to issue report on Iran

"It is Israel that has about 300 nuclear warheads. Iran is only keen to have nuclear capability for peaceful means," he said, accusing the US of lumping Iran with Syria, Hamas [which rules the Gaza Strip] and Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The US portrays those four as "the Axis of Evil to save the Zionist entity [Israel]. But the Zionists are bound to go out of existence", Ahmadinejad said.
It seems almost 'deliberate' that the only things we see on TV, and hear about on the radio, and read in our newspapers is covering the OWS movement, and the financial crisis in Europe. I believe this is referred to as: 'slight of hand'.

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