Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iran: Willing to use oil as a political tool

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I'm not shocked.... Are you?   It seems to me that Iran is the ONLY country that doesn't hold their cards so close to their chest.  The Iranian Government clearly knows that they hold the power in the Middle East.  The hold the key to a New World Order.  As does Syria, but not as much.
There is little doubt that America will invade, and attempt to conquer Iran.....  As I've said in previous posts; "If you control a countries oil supply, you control that country."  
But, America won't tell you that they're going into Iran for oil....  They want you to believe they're going in to remove a nuclear threat, (remember the WMD in Iraq?).  
That's right, the Powers That Be continue to lie to you through their mass media, and you continue to buy it.  

There is a silver lining though....  It seems that more and more people world-wide are beginning to see the truth behind these lies.  The trouble is however, no one is really doing anything about it.  

Iran: Willing to use oil as a political tool - Features - Al Jazeera English

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