Sunday, November 20, 2011

Police State Is HERE!

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Peaceful Protesting In America
This is what happens in The United States of America when you are a PEACEFUL protester!
Many people may call this a CONSPIRACY..... But I find it pretty difficult to dispute video proof.
This is a peaceful protest at University of California at Davis. You can see that these protesters are sitting peacefully, (could possibly have their hands zip tied).

This is what a POLICE STATE looks like.  In my opinion, it's been here for a number of years already.  It's just recently it's been rearing it's ugly head.  
You've also noticed it in your neighbourhood....  It may not have seemed like anything at the time.... But looking back, it's plain to see.  Maybe not as violent as what you just saw in this video, but certainly unwarranted questions, and actions by public officials.

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