Thursday, November 24, 2011

Egyptians Are Becoming Unstoppable (Warning: Graphic Pictures)

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Over the last eleven months, a lot of things have happened in the Middle East. The most publicized is the 'revolution' that occurred in Egypt. The least few weeks it seems to have been happening again. It seems the 'liberating army' of Egypt doesn't want to give up the power that 'The People' so willingly gave them.
Tahrir Square

I'm still kind of sitting on the fence with this whole 'Arab Spring'. By that I mean; I'm still not 100% convinced that this particular uprising in Egypt is being controlled by the CIA, and/or the Powers That Be.

I'm not sure if I'm surprised that footage like this isn't being covered by the mainstream media.
One Man vs Riot Police
That previous sentence is one of the major reasons I'm supporting the idea that this second round of riots in Egypt are also being controlled and choreographed. I say that because of a few simple facts:

° We all are aware of the second uprising in Egypt.
° We are being told that the Military are controlling the country.
° We told there is violence, and now many deaths.
° We haven't seen pictures, or videos showing the violence and deaths.

Throwing Tear Gas
Why aren't we seeing these images?
Is it because these protests are genuine? So that we in the West don't see whats going on, and attempt to support the Egyptians? To keep our minds numb of other actions around the world?

Regardless of how you look at this, The Powers That Be are fully enveloped in this. They are either limiting access to what's REALLY occurring, or are the cause of said protests/riots.

Look at these pictures, and the video clip. You can see for yourself that what you hear in the mainstream news is dripping with Illuminati, and Elite power.
The 'Arab Spring' is just another stepping stone towards a One World Government, and the New World Order.

M*A*S*H* Unit?

The police changed the substance they're using in their tear gas, and used a 500 times more toxic component that does much more than tears:

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