Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

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With today being November 11 th, I almost feel obligated to voice my opinion on this.

Throughout the last century, there has been countless wars: World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2, Afghanistan, and several others.
With this post, I'm not trying to take away the memories of our brothers, sisters, friends and children who fought in those wars. The ones who returned home, and the ones that didn't.
This is a day when we remember the people we lost serving in those wars.

On our mainstream media, most of us are remembering those who fought in World War 2. That's going to be the main focus of this posting.
I understand that most of you realize that history is written by 'the winner'. The one who reigns glorious on the battlefield. So, I'll assume that most history books are not entirely accurate. However, to play 'Devil's Advocate', I'll assume that what I was taught in school and in books, is 100% accurate.
One thing we can be certain about is this: History repeats itself.

Adolph Hitler was a nut. I'll agree with that, to a point. Yes, he lead a nation to slaughter millions of people simply because he didn't like their religion, sexual orientation, etc.... Lets also not forget what he accomplished: He took a nation of extreme poverty, and depression, and in a few years, to almost taking over the world. Regardless of your views or beliefs about the guy, that takes leadership, and will.

Apart from the attack on Pearl Harbour, North America as a landmass faced NO threat from the Hitler-lead coalition. So why fight another mans war?

"Death To The Lie"
Now, go grab your old high school History textbooks. See if you can find photocopies, or pictures of Nazi propaganda fliers, etc.
Now, change the word 'JEW' to 'Muslim' or 'Arab'. It kind of sounds like the hate filled speech you're hearing nowadays, doesn't it?
""The Jew Warmongers War Extenders"
So, next time you are watching the Television news, or reading a newspaper.... And they are talking about all the evils being done by the Muslim Extremists, and those 'Crazy' Arabs'.... Change those titles to 'Jews'..... And think 'Nazi Germany, 1942'.
Almost Sound Like Nazi Germany...?

I know personally several Canadian Soldiers who have served in Afghanistan. I know that many of the friends and comrades have been killed during their tours in Afghanistan. My question is: Why the Hell are we there? Are The Taliban, (funded by the United States) threatening our shores or borders? Why not just let them destroy their own country, and leave a few thousand acres of land free for colonization, for our over-populated planet?
Now I know you're thinking, “What about Al Qaeda? They attacked America!!”..... Don't get me started on that. Just read: Al Qaeda Is Fake.

I also beg of you to view my two most recent posts. They are videos that were sent to me by a friend.

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