Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering WMD in Iraq…..

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Yeah, I don't remember them either. Saddam Hussein got his neck stretched for something that DIDN'T exist…. And, even if there were weapons of mass destruction, or chemical weapons, they were provided to Iraq by The United States.

Now, the American, Canadian, British, and French governments are trying to brainwash us again, into believing that Iran is on the cusp of developing their own nuclear bombs. Where's the proof? Will it be as convincing as General Powell's proof for invading Iraq? If it is, I would suggest getting a 3rd party to investigate.

THEY want to create a NEW war, for more of our men and women to go, and die. Why? Is Iran threatening to take over the world? Or even Northern Africa? No. That's what Israel and The United States are doing. Conquering nation after nation. You're just convinced they are quiet revolutions.


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