Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Roswell Stuff

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We all know that the governments and military of the world lie to us.  Is this the 'smoking gun' to prove what we already know about Roswell in 1947?
Has the US government been lying to us for 60 years?  HELL YES! 
I know this footage is a few years old, and most of you have probably already seen it.  I'm just putting it up for those of you who HAVEN'T seen it yet.

Greenwald Trashes CNN!!

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It's good to see someone finally speaking out about mass media, and their brainwashing.
Constitutional lawyer and Salon Columnist Glenn Greenwald absolutely DICES these shills, and exposes their attempts to brainwash the audiences with outright LIES and misinformation surrounding Assange and Wikileaks.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Earthquakes?

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Merry Christmas!  Time for a Tsunami warning? 

Tsunami Warning Centre


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Here's a post from my old site, that I wrote specifically for Christmas.
Give it a read, if you wish. 
I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you all have a great Christmas!

The REAL Meaning Of Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Proof Of A Mini Ice Age

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I would like to thank Lou Schizas for bringing this article to my eyes.
Give this article from The Sydney Morning Herald a read, then make up your mind....  AGAIN.

There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts

More Earthquakes?

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Is HAARP Busy at work?  TWO Earthquakes within a matter of hours!



Information on TSUNAMI found HERE!

Al Qaeda In The News Again?

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I understand that FOX NEWS barely counts as a legitimate news outlet.  After all, like all MAJOR news corporations, it's controlled by The Illuminati.
Yes, I occasionally cruise their website to see what sort of lies and misinformation they're spewing to the public.  I laughed out loud when I read this article:

AQAP Looking To Attack U.S. Food Supply?

 You would think that by now, the evil entity known as Al Qaeda would be far from every one's mind.  But it seems that The Illuminati want to keep everyone on their toes, or more specifically, under their spell.


We know that Al Qaeda is a myth.  Created by the Americans/Illuminati.  But I suppose that the weak, and the mindless will blindly follow their leaders like lemmings to a cliff.

Now we're being frightened with food. Sure, they can stop us from flying, and taking trains and buses, but we can't stop eating.  That's where the REAL fear comes.  

When will people stand up, and tell our leaders to go fuck themselves? We need a movement.  Protesting doesn't work, and has never worked.  Voting for or against people doesn't work any more,( see George Bush Jr.) either.

All we can do is ignore them.  Turn off your television.  Turn off your radio.   Put down that newspaper or magazine.  Think for yourself!  Act for yourself!  Grow some stones, and tell the world you won't be controlled!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nazi America?

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I've seen many World War 2 movies, and documentaries on Nazi Germany.  I've seen this style of checkpoint in most of them.  This is just another step towards a POLICE STATE!

Billionaires Discuss Population Control?

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This report is almost a year old, but I'll guess none of you heard about this meeting in New York State.  The five wealthiest men and women met in secret to discuss many things.  Population control came out on top.

More Proof of Accepting Pedophilia?

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Is this more proof that we're slowly being programmed to accept pedophilia into society?
I stated it here, a few weeks ago:

Social Programming Will Make Pedophilia A Thing Of The Past!

 Now we have MAJOR media installations. (Illuminati controlled) reporting on it.  Read about it HERE:


Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Secret?

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Although this information is "American-based', one can only speculate that this is occurring in most major countries around the world.
The big question is:  WHAT ARE THEY PREPARING FOR?

Billy Corgan And Chemtrails

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So, it seems that some celebrities are trying to spread the word about Chemtails.  See, we, (the non-celeb), aren't as fucked up as you make us out to be.  Billy is just one of MANY musicians, and Hollywood stars that speak about this weather modification program.

Check it out!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Jewish Power is More Powerful Than White Supremacy

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We all know that talking about 'White Supremacy' is considered VERY taboo.  Particularly here in North America and, though I've never been, I can only assume it's the same in Europe, too.
We've all heard about The Jewish Conspiracy, and many other PRO- Zionist things.
I'm not saying I'm a racist, or anti-semite, or any of those other labels that society will throw my way after reading this posting.  I'm here to create dialogue.  To state FACTS.  If I'm wrong, (which I'm not), please post in my comment section undeniable PROOF to the contrary. 

Instead of trying to fit the square peg of opposition to Jewish ethnocentrism into the round hole of political correctness, we should list the ways in which Jewish power is more powerful than white supremacy:

1. The open advocacy of white power – in any country – is taboo – no politician in the world does it
2. The open advocacy of Jewish power – in Israel – is mandatory for all Western politicians
3. The Western countries boycotted, and caused the end of, white apartheid, thirty years ago
4. The Western countries support Jewish apartheid today, uncritically and very expensively
5. Desmond Tutu has stated that Israeli policies are at least as bad as apartheid
6. Apartheid South Africa fought for US interests against Soviet-backed forces
7. Apartheid Israel has never fought for US interests
8. There has been no violence against Jews in any Western country for sixty-five years – unless you count Palestinian resistance, which is the result of Jewish supremacy
9. When US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies initiated a boycott of South Africa over thirty years ago, no white supremacists tried to stop them
10. When, today, US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies tentatively discuss a boycott of Israel today, right-wing Jewish activists issue lawsuits and stage protests, and left-wing Jewish activists try to undermine their efforts from within, complaining of ‘oppression’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ 

Ever try to question the Holocaust in public?  "You fucking anti-semite!" is the conditioned response.  Is that more of a 'White Guilt'  thing?  Canada’s laws against questioning aspects of the Shoah are a clear expression of Jewish privilege.  Opposing that 'PRIVILEGE' by claiming 'Freedom Of Speech', and changing those laws, is very similar to catching a speeding bullet in your teeth, without causing bodily harm. 

15 Yr Old Boy Tells Establishment To STICK IT!

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Why don't more teenagers nowadays think and talk like this kid?  I remember when teenagers USED to have brains!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Person Of The Year... REALLY?

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So, as it turns out, Mark Zuckerburg was REALLY the runner-up. Two guesses as to who the Time Magazine readers voted as Person Of The Year, but you're only going to need ONE guess.  You got it, Julian Assange.
Read all about it HERE:



They're Trying To Control The Internet - Ron Paul

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It seems to me, that Congressman Ron Paul is the ONLY person in American politics that isn't afraid to say what's REALLY going on!
Watch this interview on CNN, and listen VERY closely to what he says about WikiLeaks, and the Internet!

Al Gore Can BLOW Me!

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So, it seems that since the late 1980's, and on until today, the world has been overwhelmed by the concept of Global Warming. 
World leaders having well publicised conferences in Kyoto, Copenhagen, and now Cancun.
They are all telling us that The Earth is heating up at a record pace.  Sure, I'll buy that.  I also expect to see Santa Claus come sliding down my chimney on December 24th. 
Like most of you, I watched the propaganda film, "An Inconvenient Truth".  Al Gore's facts were interesting, but were way off the mark. 
I agree:  the Earth's temperature did rise, at a time.  But not any more.  Many scientists now believe The Earth is actually cooling.  Based on global averages, the hottest year in the last 15 years was 15 years ago: 1995.  So yes, Mr. Gore was right, if this were 20 odd years ago.  

If you live in Europe, or in many parts of the northern hemisphere, I'm sure you have a hard time agreeing with the concept of Global Warming.  Yes, Climate change is a very good likelihood, but the warming up of The Earth is a far cry from what many are experiencing now. 

Statistics will show you that the average snowfall accumulation worldwide has actually INCREASED over the last century.

As we can see, snow cover has increased about 5% since it bottomed out in 1989. 
So it seems, the majority of climate predictions have been wrong.  If you are having problems accepting these graphs and other information as fact, I ask you to do just ONE thing:  Step outside.  Are our winters not seeming longer, and harsher than when we were kids?  Our summers shorter?  Could this be the beginning of an Ice Age?  Or even a MINI-Ice Age?
All the evidence points to this.  The unfortunate part is that the Illuminati controlled media have brainwashed the majority of people into believing that Global warming is the cause du jour.  So that you will donate your hard earned money to help fight something that doesn't exist, (kind of like The War On Terror).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are The Going To Kill Our Currency?

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Is this how they will move us to accepting, and using The Amero?  By slowly, but surely eliminating our currency?

Senate report recommends killing the penny

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some VERY Valid Points!

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Why is it that it's always the WORST examples of White Trash people, that aren't afraid to speak out?
This guy has some pretty valid points.  Give it a watch, and make up your own minds.

Another Step Towards A North American Union?

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Although this story is one of the top stories on CTV News, I don't think that a great deal of people are fully aware of the ramifications from such a meeting. 
In just a small paragraph in this article, you can understand what it's REALLY about:

'They're expected to discuss joint economic and trade issues, border security and the Mexican drug problem in a meeting designed to set the agenda for a trilateral leaders meeting in 2011.'

Give this article a read, if you wish.  The writing is on the walls, folks!  Open your eyes!  The North American Union is almost here!

Lawrence Cannon hosts U.S., Mexico foreign ministers




Coast To Coast

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Although I believe most of what I hear on this particular radio show is either DISinformation, or MISinformation, I continue to listen to it almost nightly.  Sometimes, they do have things right.  Although, there are also many 'plants' on the show.  I'm talking about Coast To Coast AM

I'd like you guys, (my faithful readers), to check out this little diddy done on ABC News about the show.  I'll let you come to your own conclusions.  But, bare in mind; you must be very CAREFUL when listening.  You must be able to differentiate from the REAL issues, and the ones they plant, to misinform you. 
I also listen to many other like-minded radio shows, and read many more newspapers than most.  Not just local, (North American prints), but many global ones as well.

I don't watch very much television.  The reason for that is very simple:  It's the best medium to brainwash.  Use your mind.  Think for yourself.
Now feel free to pass your judgement on Coast To Coast AM.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Global Warming? Yeah, right!

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I've been saying this for YEARS now.
Read about it HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE.
Global Warming is NOT happening.  It never was happening, (at least not in our lifetimes). Which means... you guessed it, it's JUST a Money-Making Machine!

I just read a VERY interesting article in The Daily Mail, out of The U.K.  If you still believe in the whole 'GLOBAL WARMING' theory, you should read this.  If, after ALL the evidence is presented to you, and you still subscribe to the 'Global Warming' theory, then I would suggest burying your head back in the sand, because clearly there's no hope for you.

The truth is global warming has halted

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are We Getting Closer To The N.A.U.?

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After you read this article in the Calgary Herald, I'm sure you'll have the same questions I now have:

 - Why do THEY still deny that The N.A.U. is even a possibility?

 - Why don't we have referendums on 'treaties' that threaten our sovereignty?

 - Why haven't we heard about this?

 - When will YOU, our elected officials speak publicly about this?
New Trade Pact

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ice Age?

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Here's something that may be a good read for you.  I have no doubt that there is a CLIMATE CHANGE occurring.  But, Global Warming is a farce!

An Ice Age has already arrived!

Also, you may want to watch this!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Internet Policing

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Think about it: Where is this seemingly staged WikiLeaks taking us?  While we participate in digging into the juicy tidbits of information that incriminate just about everybody, where is it all going?

While 9/11 served as a wake-up call to those awake, and aware enough to see the obvious demolitions and misinformation and the resultant “Pearl Harbour” effect.  Most of the world fell for it.  As a result, people are literally bending over at our airports, (thanks TSA).  It’s staggering.  In fact, it’s ORWELLIAN.  The armies, police and the private sector are at war with the vague concept of terrorism – an unbeatable enemy in a war that can, and will be drawn out indefinitely, and fought in any arena necessary.  How long have we been fighting the ‘war on drugs'?  Since the early 1970’s, I think.

What was the result of this declared war on terrorism?  Not a war on terror, but an increase in fear and terror.  All to justify the economic, social, and political clampdown that’s followed.


You guessed it – The last bastion of freedom of information and expression.  A FREE INTERNET will topple. After all, if information is now the enemy, we must carefully police any and all aspects of this very dangerous medium.  That’s all for the safety and protection of “We the people”.
Oh believe me; we’ll still have the Internet, just like you can still fly.  But, you’ll have to be on an ‘approved’ list.  You’ll be screened, stamped, zapped, mugged and molested if you want to get Online.  No big deal.  We’ve been having this done for years now.  Since September, 2001.


#1 – WikiLeaks – This site was WAAAY too approved and publicized.  Every TV and cable network, press worldwide and official recognition from every level of government.  Where’s anyone else who’s trying to expose the agenda?  Only WikiLeaks. Odd?

#2 – WikiLeaks and Assange’s Sketchy Background – The WIkiLeaks website first appeared on the Internet in December 2006.  The site claims to have been founded by Chinese dissidents, journalists, mathematicians, and start-up company technologists, from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa.  THE CREATORS OF WIKILEAKS HAVE NOT BEEN FORMALLY IDENTIFIED.  It has been represented in the public since January 2007 by Julian Assange, and others.  Assange describes himself as a member of WikiLeaks’ Advisory Board.
ALSO: Assange reportedly wrote for both the New York Times and the Economist, which I find rather fishy as well – not a real enlightened or ‘alternative’ mindset.  His mysterious persona also plays well to the WikiLeaks furtive image so people won’t expect to know too much, which is also very convenient for keeping anything HIDDEN.

#3 – Watch The Hype:  There’s a growing crescendo of anger and hate that is now being whipped up.  To the point that Assange is now being called a NEW KIND OF TERRORIST – and more disturbingly, and as expected, the comparison is now being drawn between Assange, and Bin Laden.

First, there’s the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC – Create a problem, provoke a reaction, and then implement the pre-planned solution.  The staged 9/11 attacks, including the internationally inhibited World Trade Center JUSTIFIED the ensuing wars, and worldwide clampdown on freedoms in the name of ‘security’.  This includes the Patriot Act, which I assume had already been written, and just waiting for the right excuse to be signed into law.

With surprising similarities, this attack over the INTERNATIONAL Internet, and drawing in diplomatic communities worldwide, by exposing state secrets from a variety of different countries will greatly help usher in international measures in the name of ‘security’, probably spearheaded by the fascist American Government. It's already underway, with the Department of Homeland Security shutting down many websites.
Remember, all they need is the ‘right’ incident to justify bringing on FULL CONTROL.  “Internet Terrorism” sounds to me like the PERFECT incident.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


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                We’ve  all heard the “If you touch my junk.....”, recording.  That’s apparently just the tip of the iceberg.  It seems the lovely TSA, and CATSA are doing much more than just gently groping people’s genitalia. 

This is just another step in slowly programming us to accept the New World Order.  In the years ahead, while we’re all enjoying our stay in FEMA Camps, (think Nazi occupied Poland), we will have grown accustomed to the unreasonable searches of ourselves, and won’t complain when we see it happening to others.  THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE INTRODUCED THESE ILLEGAL SEARCHES OF MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN IN OUR AIRPORTS.  It has NOTHING to do with terrorism.  That ship sailed a long time ago.  The governments of the world know that we’ve figured out that the War on Terror is a farce.  Yet we blindly let them continue to control us, and lead us like the sheep we are.

So, what do you think now?  Are all these 'security measures' really just for security?  Or, are we slowly being brainwashed to get used to these intrusions? 
This is being done not for our protection, but for our eventual annihilation.  If we were all just scooped up, and thrown into one of these FEMA camps, riots would ensue.  This problem is cleverly being avoided... By using the TSA as the Programmers, and us, the people, as the bitches.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Bohemian Grove & Illuminati

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Many people believe that the members of the Bohemian Grove are the real string pullers. They meet once a year in Northern California, at a 'Summer Camp for the Power Elite'.


More Jewish Conspiracy?!?!?

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Is this more PROOF of The Jewish Conspiracy?  The evidence is hidden in PLAIN site!

Google Earth Reveals Star Of David on Iran Air HQ!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Close is Disclosure?

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It seems with all the ALIEN stuff in the news lately, we're moving much closer to FULL DISCLOSURE, than I originally thought.  I've been writing about this for a long time.  On my old site, I wrote FULL DISCLOSURE IS IMMINENT just a couple of months ago.  Now we has NASA telling us they may have found alien life in a lake in California. 
We also have an Egyptian Archaeologist admitting that the pyramids contain UFO technology
Most recently, I discovered this BRAND NEW footage from October 15th, 2010, from  CBS on YouTube.

Are THEY slowly conditioning us for Full Disclosure?  Giving us sneak peeks into the 'alien world'?

WikiLeaks Is A Psy-Op For The New World Order

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Up until a few hours ago, I hadn't even considered this as a possibility.  Now, looking at everything that's happening, and doing a bit of research, it all makes sense. 
It's a bit of a lengthy read, but a real eye-opener for many of you!

WikiLeaks Exposed - The Man Behind The NWO Curtain


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Why is it that The Illuminati controlled mass media doesn't want us to see this?  I've looked in many newspapers, many media websites, and pretty much every place in between.  I just can't seem to find ANY media reporting on this:  The death of two Reuters reporters in Iraq. 

Is it because the media only tells us what we want to see?  Pass this link along to as many people as you can.  I'm tired of our media being controlled.  Watch this video, and decide for yourself. 

With all the different media outlets, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc, reporting the whole Wikileaks thing, you would think that they would be telling us things we didn't already know.  Did you notice though, they're all reporting the SAME things. 
Most people are just taking the word from their favourite news provider about what is in the Wikileaks Cables.  Go ahead, take a look for yourself.  You'll be amazed at what the media ISN'T telling you!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julian Assange: Criminal, or Pawn?

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Not that I agree with ANYTHING the mass media tells us, particularly about "The War On Terror", I'm inclined to give a lot of credence to Julian Assange

It now seems that since Assange has done what any good journalist does:  He printed statements, and backed them up with facts, and proof of those facts, he's now the most wanted man in the world.  Kind of odd, don't you think?  Remember Osama Bin Laden?  Public Enemy Number 1.  I didn't know they caught him, (not like they were ever really looking for him anyways). 

Right now, you can't turn on a News Channel, Radio Broadcast, or pick up a Newspaper anywhere in the United States, without seeing something about Julian Assange.  Why?  Because he pointed out with FACTS what douche bags you are?  Or, is it, (and I believe it is), that he's a patsy to divert the attention away from your failing Bail-Out money?  The fact that despite all the money being thrown around across the planet, we're still going deeper and deeper into debt? 
Have you noticed that?  So much in the news about Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks, (I just noticed the site has been taken down), but nothing, or at least very little about the economy.  Why do you suppose that is?  Is it because THEY don't want us to notice what's really going on?  Is it all part of a massive brainwashing campaign?  Designed to manipulate us into believing whatever we're told by our elected officials, and news broadcasters?  Well, so far so good. 
Think for yourselves!  Do your own research!  Don't believe what you're told!  Remember:  Knowlege is power.  So arm yourself!