Friday, November 12, 2010

What is a ChemTrail, Really?

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Look at the sky over any modern city. I'll use Barrie Ontario, Canada for this example. Chances are, you'll see line shaped clouds mixed with the normal cloud cover. These are called Con Trails. When jets fly though the air, they leave trails of water vapour in their wake. This vapour disipates a few minutes after the jet passes. The governments claim these trails are a harmless result of engine gas. Now, I'm no Meteorologist. When I hear about the weather, I generally take the experts at their word. However, some sources reject this explanation. These researchers believe there are another form of man-made cloud, (I'm one of them), A ChemTrail.

While Con Trails are an affect of water and air temperatures, ChemTrails are allegedly different: What if those lines aren't just water? What could it be? Why are they here?

Many ChemTrail theorists believe that ChemTrails are a type of weather manipulation.

We already know that weather changing technology exists. by using Dry Ice, or Silver Iodide, scientists can increase rainfall. It's imperfect, but it's real. ChemTrails could be another, more precise technique. This could explain why ChemTrails don't dissipate. They could be made to attract moisture....? But, not all ChemTrails attract cloud cover. Some just linger, likes strokes of paint across the sky.

Because not all ChemTrails attract moisture, some "CHEMMY'S" believe those strange, stripe shaped clouds have a different purpose. Why control the weather, when you can control the people??

Some researchers believe ChemTrails are a form of Mind Control. According to this theory, the chemicals spread throughout the ChemTrails wear down a person's immune system, and force the victims mind to operate at a lower level. With a less alert population, no one will notice the changes in local, provincial/state, national, and global governments.

They allege that higher levels of bacteria, Barium, and aluminium, are found near ChemTrails. However, this theory has some obstacles:

1) It's very difficult to control the dosages.

2) Spraying chemicals only affects the people outdoors. What happens to the rest of us, who are inside?

3) There is also no way to aim. Doesn't sound too effective.

But some people believe that ChemTrails aren't made for mind control, or weather manipulation. Instead: They're weapons. Sure, I know this sounds ridiculous. We're comparing clouds to tanks and missiles. But, the American Government does conduct atmospheric research, and has extensive experimental facilities. Consider HAARP in Alaska. HAARP conducts experiments in Earth's ionosphere. That's 35 MILES from the planet's surface.

We already have the ability to manipulate the weather. Some theorists think our governments can create Earthquakes, and manipulate electromagnetic fields. ChemTrails might only be 'side effects' of these secret weapons. The electromagnetic waves used by these weapons might distort and discolour clouds.

When you see a ChemTrail, or odd clouds, you may be seeing the affects of a Global Weapon. Could this be possible?

The next time you find yourself outdoors on a sunny day, look up. Do the clouds appear normal? Lately in Barrie Ontario, our skies have been littered with ChemTrails, as per my Facebook, and Twitter postings. Is there something else up there? Something our governments don't want us to know? Think about it.

Use your brain, or THEY will use it for you.

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