Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chilean Miners Resurrected

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I know this is a month too late, but I've finally had time to sit, and think about what I heard and saw with regards to the Chilean Miners, and they resurrection to the LIVING WORLD.

 While I was listening the ritual of the miners being resurrected, it made me recall the story of baby Jessica McClure. You'll recall, (or not), that she was the 18 month old baby girl who fell in a well in Midland, Texas. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that this incident occurred in 1987. Do the math, that's exactly twenty-three, (23), years ago, between October 14th, and October 16th. It took 58 hours (5+8=13), to rescue her from the 8 inch well casing, (Of course we know that the number 8 is the Sun Worshipers number). They used what was then a new technology, called Water Jet Cutting, for the rescue.
It was because of the around-the-clock coverage of this particular story that CNN was able to tap into the global media market.

Then President Ronald Regan made the comment that every person in America became Godmothers, and Godfathers to little baby Jessica, while this was all going on.
Yes, October 13th was in fact included in that baby Jessica story. Some of you may actually remember that story from your youth.

Here's a few interesting events that have occurred on October 13th in the past.
    October 13, 1307 - 60 Knights Templar in France were simultaneously arrested, along with the 23rd, (and apparently the final), Grand Master of The Knight's of the Templar.
    October 13th, 1582 - The first implication of the Gregorian Calendar, (the calendar's which we use today).
    October 13th, 1777 - British General John Burgoyne and his army, (at the battle of Saratoga), surrenders.
    October 13th, 1792 - In Washington D.C., the cornerstone of The White House was laid.
    October 13th, 1843 - In New York City, Henry Jones, and 11 others formed the first Jewish Fraternal Society in The United States.
    October 13th, 1881 - The revival of the Hebrew language, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and his friends agreed the exclusively speak Hebrew in their day-to-day lives
    October 13th, 1884 - Greenwich England is established as the international standard for zero degrees longitude.
    October 13th, 1917 - The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima Portugal
    October 13th, 1943 - The new government of Italy signs with the Allies, and declares war on Germany.
    October 13th, 1946 - France adopts the constitution of the Fourth Republic.
    October 13th, 1976 - The first electron micro-graph of an Ebola viral particle is seen.
    October 13th, 2008 - The United States Congress passes the 'Banker Bailout' Bill.
So, as you can see, some pretty important, and VERY ritualistic events have occurred on October13th throughout history.
Let's also not forget that October 13th of this year was showcased as the day that a bunch of UFO's were to arrive above the worlds largest cites, as a showing of power. We of course, got something totally different, but almost just as significant.

We had the rescue of the Chilean 33, as it's now being called in the Illuminati controlled media. Think about it. How many times did we hear that number, leading up to their resurrection? The number 33. Over, and over, and over again. So much so, that years from now, everyone will still recall the number of trapped miners.
The Illuminati controlled media wanted this to be HUGE. This ritual was covered by the BBC for 24 hours. They clearly wanted us to know that something BIG was occurring.
I don't know about you, but when you were watching it..... The miners who came out of The Phoenix II capsule, didn't really look as though that had been trapped deep in the bowels of The Earth for 69 days, did they? Rather, they looked as though they had just came from their homes. They were clean shaven, for example. They weren't asked questions by ANYBODY.

All but one of these men were whisked away immediately, as soon as they hugged their families. We're told they were flown to a hospital...... REALLY? What were they treated for? They all looked perfectly healthy, didn't they....? They reports that I have heard, they were only having toothaches... From the incredible amount of sugar they were taking in, (a drink that NASA had prepared for them).
You also noticed they were all wearing sunglasses. Even the men who were rescued at night. Why do you suppose that is? What was REALLY in that drink from NASA? Was it something to keep them 'stoned', and to remain quiet?
For the first few days after the 'cave-in', the men apparently burned tires. Hoping that they dark smoke would reach the surface. Whoever came up with that story isn't too bright. Everyone knows that a tire gives off a VERY thick and TOXIC smoke when burned. That smoke would never go away. Why choke out your own precious, life giving, limited air supply?
We're also told that when their reserves of bottled water dwindled down to just a few gallons, they apparently began drinking water from huge metal drums, tainted with motor oil. Another very difficult story to believe.
Setting off explosives in an effort to be heard. Absolutely ridiculous. From 2300 feet below The Earth's surface, you're not going to hear an explosion.
Let's now take a look at The Phoenix II life saving capsule. Clearly named for the mythical creature that raises from its ashes, into a REBIRTH. Just a play on words, or something more?

But wait, there's more!!
The Phoenix II is THIRTEEN, (13) feet long. It made 33 trips down the rabbit hole, (most people believe to rescue the miners). If you paid VERY close attention, The Phoenix II made MORE than just the 33 trips down to the miners. You can add another six, (6) trips made by this capsule. That's a total of 39 trips. Quick, now do the math!! 3x13=39. Hidden in plain view for you all.
The other six trips down, were the other men sent down to get the miners ready for their trip to the surface. To brief them on what to say, (or not say), and what to do, (or not do)..... Or to complete a ritual?

That's just way too much for a coincidence. Besides, who believes in coincidences anymore?

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