Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama & Arnie

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    I know there has been lots of debate over the last couple of years: Was Barack Hussein Obama born in Hawaii, as he claims, or elsewhere? Kenya? The Philippines? It says in The United States Constitution that you must be a NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN to hold the office of President.
Either way, regardless of where he was born, this opens MANY doors!
Let's assume for a moment that Obama is NOT a Natural Born American Citizen. I assume if that is the case, it won't be revealed until at least his second term as Commander-In-Chief. With that in mind, who else is there in American politics, who is actively seeking a seat in The White House? I'll give you a hint: He's the Governor of California.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's imminent power has been foretold for decades. When he married Maria Shriver in 1986, he solidified his role in history.... Or future. However you want to look at it.
Shriver's bloodlines run deep in not only political power, but, world power also. As well all know, Maria is the second child, and only daughter of Sarget Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Eunice was the sister of John, Robert, and Ted Kennedy., and five other siblings.
For the sake of saving you a shit load of reading, and me even more tying, I'm going to link you to proof of the ancient bloodlines of the Kennedy family HERE.
With that in mind, let's get back to the task at hand: Obama and Arnie!
As I said above, Arnold Schwarzenegger's path to power was laid out a long time ago. The Illuminati even teased us with small hints, for all of us to see. Think about it this way: Schwarzenegger is famous for what? He's a movie star. So, what better way to tease us?
Let's take a look at his movies, shall we?

- Now clearly not his first movie, TOTAL RECALL describes his first steps into motion, to become President of the United States. Let me explain; the title: TOTAL RECALL. How was he elected Governor of California? In a RECALL election.

- ERASER. By running for the highest office in the world, he will have successfully erased a very important piece of The American Constitution.

- There is NO doubt in my mind that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be elected President. He will be the President when either the New World Order or the North American Union comes to pass. Which, many of us will refer to as THE END OF DAYS.

- Just how will he get the public to accept him as a viable Presidential candidate? By telling TRUE LIES. If it turns out that Barak Obama was NOT born on American soil, then that is just the lie that will lead to the truth: A non-American can run for President, and win.

- As Schwarzenegger being in Power when the NWO or NAU come into effect, he will be the last President of The United States. Or, THE LAST ACTION HERO.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. All you need to do is open your eyes. You can see these things, if you don't allow yourself to be blinded by The Illuminati!


  1. wow! thank you for the feed back!!

  2. I am really undecided whether I believe this or not? Only time will tell if this is true. I most certainly thought that you had to be a born in the USA to be our President, are the rules or laws changed while I wasn't looking LOL??