Friday, November 12, 2010

A Few Things Your Government Does

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To start things off, I'm going to point out to you a few of the things your government does, and how all levels of government are clearly controlled by The Illuminati.

The first thing I'm going to focus on is the government selling off their assets to The Illuminati, in an attempt to clear their debt.

The Ontario provincial government has already started talking about it publicly. With the sale of the provincial hydro electric company, (Hydro One), The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation,(OLG), and the Liquor Control Board, (LCBO), just to name a few.

The American government is selling of their assets left, right, and centre. They've sold a MAJOR East Coast shipping port to the Illuminati. They told the mass media it was to the Saudi government, as a cover.

Now with these government assets in their hands, the Illuminati now have CONTROL over our elected officials. That`s right. Baby steps to a One World Government, or, as some call it, the New World Order.

Look at it in reverse now. An increasing number of people are being controlled by the government; people on Welfare, and Social Assistance. They NEED the government to live. The governments control the citizens, so the citizens MUST do what the government wants. They have no choice, if they want to survive. Make sense yet?

Another example: The electoral process in most countries. The best example I can give, is the American electoral process. Remember when George W. was elected the first time? Enough said.

It's VERY clear to see that the Illuminati are controlling the United States of America. Why else do you think they are currently the most powerful nation on Earth? Soon you'll see that the tides will change. China will replace the USA as the most powerful. Don't believe me? Wait and see.

The best way to determine the things I've mentioned above are true, is to do your own research. Books, the Internet, various radio programs, etc....

Until next time, remember: They only have control over you, with YOUR consent. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself!

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