Friday, November 12, 2010

Rethink 9/11

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Think it's outrageous to even suggest the United States Government would target its own citizens for terror in order to provide pretext for attacking another country? Think again. In March of 1962, The U.S. Joints of Staff signed off on a plan called Operation Northwoods which was presented to US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. By attacking US military targets and citizens, the hope was to build public support at home and abroad for a military invasion of Cuba. Luckily, McNamara did not approve the plan. Read it for yourself, and then think again about who might have been responsible for 9/11, the Shoe Bomber, the Christmas Day Bomber, and almost all other attacks on American interests.

After reading this document, you may want to also reread some of my earlier postings about Al Qaeda, The Christmas Day Bomber, and Terrorism.

You can read the whole declassified document RIGHT HERE

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