Friday, November 12, 2010

Russian Imposter?

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So it seems that shit just keeps piling up for Michael Ignatieff. First of all, The leader of the Federal Liberal Party has been offered a post at the very acclaimed University of Toronto. The post would be as a replacement for Janice Stein, Director, Munk Centre for International Studies. The kicker is: There's a boatload of federal money that could go the way of the U of T. I'm sure they University won't be hurting for that money if Ignatieff takes the post. If he doesn't, I doubt the funds will make it to Toronto.

The next pile of shit Michael Ignatieff has had to deal with is: On Monday, August 9th, Ignatieff's principal secretary, Jean Marc Fournier resigned, to take a spot in the cabinet of Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

Today, Thurday August 12th, Mario Laguë, Communications Director For the Liberal Leader, was killed when his motorcycle collided with an SUV.

It all seems a little to fast paced, and coincidental, doesn't it? Along with the many speculations that Michael Ignatieff is actually Mikael Ignatov, a Russian Count. You like how the name IGNATIEFF sounds like it could be both English, OR French?

Could all these problems be fast-tracking him to the highest office in the land? Or, quickly removing him from power, because the word is getting at as to who he actually is? What do you think?

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