Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Keystone/NAFTA Highway

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            We’ve been seeing a lot in the news lately about the proposed Keystone Oil Pipeline. 

The main issue, (the Illuminati controlled Mass Media would have you believe), is environmental concerns.  After all, that’s what everyone is protesting against.  The REAL issue is: This pipeline is just another step towards the North American Union. 



-         The Keystone Pipeline will pump oil from the Oil Sands in Alberta Canada to refineries in The Unites States, ending in Texas.

-         The Pipeline will be approximately 2,673 KM long.

-         It will stretch from Alberta, Canada, through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and will end in Port Arthur Texas.

As you can see, this pipeline will fully connect central Alberta, to the southern United States. 

This pipeline is just another step toward the NAFTA highway.  What’s that?  Let me explain it to you:

It’s a proposed highway, (some would argue it’s already under construction), to connect Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  All with one simple highway system.  Very similar to the Trans Canada highway, or the Interstate System in The United States.

 I would suggest protesting against these plans, but as we all know; protesting doesn’t work.  It never has.  The Powers That Be will do whatever they want.  THEY will just try to convince you that it’s for your best interests.  Most of you will agree, (see Orwell’s 1984). 

With all three countries connected with an oil/gas pipeline, and a nice paved road…. Then why keep them separated with geographic boarders?  Then we will be introduced The Amero, just as the European Union was introduced to The Euro.

It will happen.  There will be a North American Union.  There is NO doubt about it.  It’s just a matter of time.  You can protest as much as you want.  Cause as much Civil Disobedience as possible.  But, it’s just best to roll with the punches. 

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