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What The History Books Will Never Say About Col. Gaddafi

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This is not some "communist", "socialistic" Propaganda that "I'm preaching". Most of it is the cold hard truth which I know is hard to swallow and in no way I'm saying Gaddafi was a complete saint. He was a revolutionary whose ideas posed a great threat to the mainstream Elite establishment - and that is something history will forget depending on who writes the history books.

LIE 1: "There were Human rights abuses in Libya and Gaddafi slaughtered his own people"

The primary justification for intervention in Libya by NATO was because "there were severe human rights abuses" under Gaddafi's rule. These claims were in reality, farfetched and laughable, because Libya probably had far better human rights than any other country in Africa. What YOU were told by those Mainstream Media fanatics including all those so called "human rights" groups like Amnesty International (which is no doubt another front controlled by the Elite), were all either fabricated lies or deliberately exaggerated for the justified NATO intervention.
This damning piece of evidence (dated 4th January 2011) from the UN Human Rights website which clearly shows undeniable proof that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE of serious Human Rights abuses as accused by NATO and UN presently.

Libya Human Rights Report by UN - 4th January 2011

What's more, SEVERAL countries even praised Libya's excellent Human rights Track Record but they still decided to topple Gaddafi! Hypocrisy or what?!

LIE 2: "The people of Libya were oppressed and were living in poverty under Gaddafi's rule"

This lie is probably the funniest, and the easiest to debunk.

There was very little poverty (almost compared to Western standards) and Libya had literally the best living standards in Africa ranking 55th out of 172 countries (before NATO and Rebel interference) according to the Human Development Index -

The people in Libya under Gaddafi's rule had:

Free education,
Free health care,
Free farmland a house and seeds,
Free energy bills,
$50,000 housing money for just married couples,
Interest free loans,
Debt free country,
Government pays half for your car,
Near free gasoline prices
The people in Libya were oppressed MY A$$! This country sounds like the American dream which the people of America never had!

And just to note, almost EVERY country in Africa today is dependent on Foreign Aid, except Libya (during Gaddafi's rule).

LIE 3: Gaddafi was responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing

Libya and Gaddafi was FRAMED for the Lockerbie Bombing. END OFF. This was probably one of the EARLIEST LIES to frame Gaddafi and socially engineer the public's perception of him.

This is based on the premise that key evidence presented at the trial (e.g. timer fragment, parts from a specific radio cassette model, clothing bought in Malta, bomb suitcase originating at Luqa Airport) was deliberately fabricated by the U.S. and Britain for the "political" purpose of incriminating Libya.


Because of all the reasons stated above and below. Libya was bad for Big business and Big Banking, so something had to be done – like the Lockerbie Bombing, so that lies could be fabricated and Gaddafi could be demonised over the years until his death.

Even though Gaddafi was never involved in the Lockerbie Bombing, recently the mainstream media is jumping around the fact that he somehow "was".

You can read more about the Lockerbie conspiracy here if you're interested:
The Lockerbie Bombing Conspiracy

LIE 4: "Gaddafi wanted to become the king of Africa and enslave all the people"

On the contrary, Gaddafi wanted a more united Africa which was independent of Western interference and exploitation.
You ever wonder why the billions of $$$ in Aid never actually help the people of Africa in the long term? Because it's bad for big business. Simple as that.
If you start getting a stronger Africa both economically and politically, then Big Multinational Corporations would literally be BANKRUPT, DEAD and ERADICATED over night.


Because their business models literally WORK AND DEPEND on SLAVERY.

Pay some African kid less than a dollar a day to make shoes, and then sell the shoes for $50 in the market. 5000% profit made. Most of it goes to the board of directors not because they are doing good business – but because THEY CAN benefit by exploiting the African people and smacking the "Fair Trade" label on everything so that when we the consumer buy stuff, do not have to feel guilty about buying products made in Third World Countries.


LIE 5: "The wealth of Gaddafi will be redistributed to the people of Libya"

And this is it folks, the biggest lie ever told in the history of Libya (and to the World as well) - "The wealth of Gaddafi will be redistributed to the people of Libya".

Even if you may still have doubts whether Gaddafi was really the Good guy or not, there's no DENYING about the fact the sole reason why NATO intervened in Libya was due to Economical reasons.

Why punish the banks during an economic crisis when you can easily profit from a war based on a lie?

UN to steal 144 tons of Gold from Libya

Some believe it is about protecting civilians, others say it is about oil, but some are convinced intervention in Libya is all about Gaddafi's plan to introduce the gold dinar, a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth.
"It's one of these things that you have to plan almost in secret, because as soon as you say you're going to change over from the dollar to something else, you're going to be targeted," says Ministry of Peace founder Dr James Thring. "There were two conferences on this, in 1986 and 2000, organized by Gaddafi. Everybody was interested; most countries in Africa were keen."
Gaddafi did not give up. In the months leading up to the military intervention, he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency that would rival the dollar and euro. They would sell oil and other resources around the world only for gold dinars.
It is an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world.

Saving the World Economy from Gaddafi - RT NEWS

That's right folks, Gaddafi wanted OUT of the International Banking Scam which was (still is) gripping the World. The Elite couldn't have that, so they started a couple of false flag protests, added a pinch of Al Qaeda militants to create bloodshed to make every sap in the World believe Gaddafi was killing his people, and then finally justify military intervention in the name of "FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY".

As you can see, Libya was truly a far better country before this Illegal Civil War and NATO interference.

I pray for the people in Libya now because most of this wealth of Gaddafi "being redistributed", will mostly go to the Big Banking firms and Multinationals immediately as "debt to be paid".

And yeah, remember those words: FREEDOM AND DEMORACY.

I'm sure that is something we people here in the West VERY MUCH wish to have right now.

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