Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Revolution Is Moving!

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As I predicted back in February, the 'revolution' that started in Yemen, moved to Egypt, then to Libya, and a number of other Middle Eastern countries, (now known as the Arab Spring), has spread to the west.
You all saw the riots in England, now it's North America's turn. The 'Occupy Wall Street' protests have been going on for a few weeks now, with no real coverage by the mainstream media.

It's now being reported, (on the internet only), that these protests have spread to Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

 Let us also not forget that more 'demonstrations' are planned for Other cities, including Toronto, Canada on October 15th.

Yes, it seems that this 'movement' is being promoted even more now by the group known as ANONYMOUS. Remember them? They were the guys that started hacking the planet after Julian Assange was being hunted down. It looks as though ANONYMOUS is now 'running with the torch', so to speak.

Kind of convenient, don't you think? This group of 'hackers' comes out of nowhere, and starts taking down major mainframes around the world? Why? Because of The C.I.A. decided to leak some documents, and make Assange their scapegoat.
My theory is this: We all know that these 'demonstrations are carefully organized and choreographed. By whom? The C.I.A.? The Illuminati? The Powers That Be? I'm not entirely sure. This 'Occupy The PLANET' movement, being promoted by ANONYMOUS will work. It'll work so well, that in time I believe banks and nations will fall. Governments will crumble, and they will need to be rebuilt. Rebuilt in which fashion? Rebuilt into a New World Order, that's how.

You can bookmark this post, and come back in a few months, or a few years, and re-read it. You'll see I'm more than likely right. Better yet, pass this on to your friends. Share it on Facebook, on Twitter, on whatever Social Networking site(s) you belong to!

I just pray I am wrong.

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