Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manipulating The News…?

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    It appears to me (and most other blog readers), that the Illuminati Controlled Media is 'romanticising' the OWS, (Occupy Wall St.) protests now happening around the globe. I would also go as far as to say that they are even MANIPUTLATING the news. You'll see on the T.V. News, and in the papers that the majority of people who are protesting are nut-jobs with huge signs and placards. Yes, every protest will always have a few 'CRAZIES'. That's inevitable.

I will go as far as to argue the at least a few of these placard carrying Neo-Hippies are plants. They have been placed there by the Powers That Be. They'll remain PEACEFUL until they receive word to cause problems. Once these protests become violent in nature, they will lose all credibility to the mass public. That is also the reason why the media appears to ONLY interview the protesters with the signs, or painted faces, or masked faces. They want the misinformed, brainwashed public to believe there is nothing but bad, fear mongering protesters attending these events.

Anyone else notice that?


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