Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Not On TV!

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    Why is it that this protest has been occurring in New York City for the last 14, (fourteen) days, and I still haven't seen it covered on ANY news broadcast? What do THEY not want us to see? Is it a fear of more people joining the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters? Last year, during the G8/G20 riots in Toronto, it was seen on almost every news channel in the world. So, why not now? What are THEY afraid of? Could it be that THEY don't have enough Agent Provocateurs planted yet?

Rest assured, once this protest turns violent, (and it will), it will be on all the News Channels! What better way is there to keep brainwashing the public, (sheep)? Once the majority of people see what's happening in New York, (after the Agent provocateurs begin the violence), they, (the sheep), will think of the protesters as a bunch of 'trouble making kids', or 'trouble making hippies', who are too lazy to go get a job.

This will divide the upper and lower classes even more. Leaving the disappearing middle class. Divide and Conquer, right?

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