Sunday, September 18, 2011


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Apparently there are 'Day Of Rage' style riots occurring in New York City as we speak.
The mainstream media is not covering, for some reason!

Check it out!

globalrevolution on Broadcast Live Free

This 'OCCUPATION OF WALL ST.' is clearly being staged.  I guarantee you that
this will not be shown on mainstream media until there are a few thousand 'protesters'.  
I've been watching this feed for about 12 hours.  I STILL can't figure out what they are 
demonstrating against.  Any ideas?

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  1. For the purpose of complete journalism and assisting my good friend Steve I will post this link -

    It is a link to the website of the organizers of this Occupy wallstreet movment, it outlines agenda's, maps, schedules and mandates.

    On a more personal note. I believe that if you have time to protest on wallstreet about all of the good hard working people that you are holding up with your disention and baricades, you need to find a damn job and get out of the street.
    Hundreds of people show up to go about their day and go to work so that they can feed their families and you are preventing that. I sugest that if it was you trying to push through baricades so that you can go to work to pay for groceries for you family you may feel diferently about this whole situation.

    For god's sakes, I read the purpose for the assembly and although I disagree with it, the crap that you are going on about and shouting about at the assembly isn't even close. What message are you trying to make known? If people cant even tell what the hell your protesting for then you will never be effective. Get you crap togather, get a job, and get out of the street.....