Friday, September 16, 2011

More Al Gore Press

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So, Al Gore is making press again. Are we surprised? No. To be honest, I'm surprised it took this long.
It seems he has an updated version of his PowerPoint Presentation, An Inconvenient Truth, (scam).
He's now saying that those of us who are saying that Carbon Dioxide is NOT what's causing Global Warming, are the real fraudsters. Let us not forget the internal e-mails from his U.N. Scientists.... the ones who were organizing worldwide fraud. They were made public TWO YEARS AGO!
Worldwide sea levels have dropped.
Dude, you can't aim a satellite at Antarctica, or the Arctic, time-lapsed, during their respective summers, and show half of them melting. While telling the world that it's all about to melt. Let us not forget this: The general public is unaware that a lot of the ice caps do in fact melt off during the warmer months. Not to worry though; it ALWAYS comes back in the winter months. Similar to many countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Pretty good parlour trick, 'eh?
Al Gore continues to show this garbage to school aged kids. Explaining to them that the end of the world is nigh.
I have proven in a previous blog post from about a year ago, that melting ice caps will not raise sea levels. It seems Al Gore missed that day in 9th Grade science.

Do you remember many years ago? When we were all taught about the Global Warming Crisis? Greenhouse gasses? Reducing Ozone Layer? Hell, that was some 20 or 25 years ago. I recall my 3rd Grade teacher explaining to the class that when we have children of our own, they probably wouldn't know what the North or South Poles were. Or why Santa always had snow on the ground at his workshop when we were kids, and why it's green grass now.
By now, most of the Eastern Seaboard would be under water. The Great Lakes will cover most of Southern Ontario, and the Northern United States.
We were all taught these lies many decades ago. Our children today are still being taught the same bullshit. Anyone with two working eyes, (or maybe just one), and a brain can see we were all duped. Yet, we still give away our hard earned money to fight this non-existent problem.

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