Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's Going ON?

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Is the world coming to and end? Is Mother Nature simply trying to just 'shake us off'? Or, is it something much more sinister?
We're all aware of the recent rash of animal deaths around the world, as I wrote about HERE.
There has been more reports of bird deaths even more recently than the Louisiana , and Arkansas bird deaths.

371 Dead Birds Fall from Sky on LA's Sunset Blvd

Now 300 dead birds fall from the sky in Alabama 

200 Dead Cows Found in Portage County Field

There have also been more earthquakes than normal... or, just better reported one over the last few months to a year, as I wrote about HERE, (I just haven't updated it lately).
Mt. Etna erupting in Sicily
Most recently we have Mt. Etna blowing her top. 

Are these all 'natural disasters'? That's possible. Is it the end of the world, as prophesied by Ancient Mayans? That's also possible, but I think unlikely. There is also the possibility that the Mayan Calender could be part of The Illuminati Play book.
That leads to the next possibility: HAARP. Are all these disasters being orchestrated by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program? That is the most likely of cases.
The HAARP facility in Alaska
HAARP has been blames for creating earthquakes, tsunamis, weather changes, and much more.

With the great amount of animals deaths worldwide, I have no doubt that it is the result of biological weapons testing, or attack on the planet. However, the natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I'm still sitting on the fence; are they indeed natural occurrences, or were they caused by HAARP, or even The LHC?
I subscribe to the theory that THEY, (The Illuminati), are trying to 'thin the herd'. By killing off as many people as possible, but attempting to make it appear as 'natural' as possible. As we all know, The Illuminati's ideal world is a global population of just 500 million subjects. Is that what they're trying to do? I'd bet my shoes on it! Once the population is down to much more manageable numbers, implementing a One World System would be a lot easier.

So, don't be surprised when you see Nazi styled Concentration Camps become much more common place. Because, (and mark my words), these animal deaths are just the beginning. The New World Order is on it's way. Protest as much as you want, it won't help. If THEY have the power to control the weather, create earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and kill wildlife at will, what WON'T they do with that technology?
Kind of reminds me of the Borg.... Resistance is futile.

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