Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fallen Cop To Promote Police State?

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Before we begin I want to make this clear: I mean no disrespect to Sgt. Ryan Russell, or the majority of police officers.  After all, they are "Just following orders,".
Yesterday, January 18th, 2011, a funeral was held in Toronto for a fallen officer, Sgt. Ryan Russell.
Canadian Mounties
Nazi Soldiers 
Thousands of cops from around Ontario, around Canada, and indeed from around North America came to pay their respects to a fallen brother.   As you've heard on the news, this was a massive show of solidarity.  Don't let them kid you.  This was show of FORCE.  Were Montebello and the G20 just a warm-up?  It's certainly starting to look that way.

There wasn't a channel on television that didn't have Sgt. Russell's funeral on.  That's right, the same thing, on every channel, at home, on the large outdoor telescreens.  1984 anyone? 
If you recall from the funeral for Sgt. Russell, there was a lone protester, Mr. Tom Pratt.  You may not have heard about him on your regular T.V. News, or in your newspapers.  He was arrested, and detained for FIVE hours.  Why?  Because he was holding a sign that read 'NO POLICE STATE'.  Turns out, we no longer have the right to peacefully protest.  Sure, it was in bad taste that he chose a yesterday to protest but, his RIGHTS and FREEDOMS were removed from him by that very same Police State he was protesting against.  Just like in Montebello, and just like at the Toronto G20 protests.
Many workers die on the job every year in Ontario.  From Electricians and construction workers, to everyday factory workers.  The majority of them are unionized, just like the police, (brotherhood).  Ever see a mass funeral, and the down town core of a major city shut down for said funeral?  Me either.

You mark my words:  A Police State is on it's way.  You're rights are slowly being removed.  You won't notice this happening, but it is.  All the signs are pointing that way.  If you refuse to see it because 'your government wouldn't do that to you', I feel sorry for you. 

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