Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haiti: A Year Later

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It's been a year now since that 7.0 magnitude Earthquake in Haiti.  It's also been just about a year since I posted THIS ARTICLE, (January 25, 2010),  on my old site, outlining why that ridiculous amount of money raised for Haiti, (and still being raised) has not, and will not ever see the Haitians most devastated by this man-made catastrophe. 
In that article, I documented where the $866,159,390 in donations had come so far.  There has been many more fundraisers, and telethons, and donations made.  The reports on the amount of money raised for Haiti as of today fluctuate from report to report.  The one constant is that it is well over a THREE TRILLION DOLLARS. 
I'm not too sure about you, but I'm pretty sure about myself.  If someone handed me a cheque for three trillion dollars to rebuild my country, you can bet your ass that in one year, I would have a brand new, shiny country.  I understand that there are contracts to work out, and stuff like that, but from the looks of things, only  few dollars have made it to that country.

In that article, I also said that not a damn cent of the money YOU, and YOUR FRIENDS donated to Haitian relief would go to help the Haitians. 

"You can also be rest assured that NONE of that money will ever reach Haiti. However, someone is making a shitload of money of this, and it’s NOT Haiti. That’s how they will control you. Your money is power, and you’re willfully GIVING it away!!"
A quote from my January 25th. 2010 posting

As you can see from that photo, taken just weeks ago, many of the Haitians are still living in tents.  It doesn't take a year to begin building new homes, or apartments are shelters.  
From reports I have heard about the condition of Haiti now, versus shortly after the Earthquake is:  There just aren't any bodies in the streets any more.  That's about the only difference.
True, there has been SOME improvement, but clearly not three trillion dollars worth.  Hell, the amount of shelter that has been built in that country in the past year, I could have done myself, alone.  

If you haven't figured it out yet for yourself, allow me to be as blatant as possible:
The money you donated to Haiti has not gone there, nor will it ever.  You gave money directly into the pockets of the elite.  That's how they control you.  What better way to control people, than with their own money?  Next time you're asked to make a donation to some world cause, DON'T.  I'm not suggesting to do away with donating to any charity, just be careful where you put your hard earned money.  
The next time there is 'disaster relief', it was probably a man-made disaster, and the relief will never go to the people who need it most.

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