Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chemtrail Conditioning

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If you're a regular reader of my Blog, you'll know I write quite a bit about Chemtrails.
The city of Barrie was overwhelmed by them this summer, and continue to be on a regular basis.

It has come to my attention, and the attention of many other people, (primarily Bloggers and conspiracy theorists), that Chemtrails are real.  Just look up in the sky, you'll see.
If you watch movies, (primarily children's movies), you'll see them a lot there too.  I know what a lot of you are thinking:  The animators and directors just put them in to poke fun at us, the Truth Seekers.

It seems now, that our children, and our children's children are being programmed to accept Chemtrails.  In a generation, I suspect people will not know, or remember what a blue sky looks like.
When I was cruising The Internet the other day, I came across a lot of pictures showing Chemtrails in Children's movies.  Naturally, I thought those pictures had been 'doctored' by the Blogger.  So, I fired up my old copies of those movies, and low and behold, guess what I saw?

A screen shot from the movie Cars at the 43 minute mark

If you look, you can see Chemtrails disguised as tire tracks.  The best part is, I bet most of you didn't notice, and I would bet even more that your children didn't notice, wither.
There's even more, in other movies.  Ever seen the movie OVER THE HEDGE?  Me either, but here are a few screen shots from that movie that a friend of mine sent my way.

You & your children see them ONLY as Con trails from Jets

You may not have even noticed them in the movie, nor your children.  That's the idea!  Subliminally inserting them into your mind, so when you are outside, and they're there, you don't notice them as much, or at all.

You'll also notice them painted on the ceiling of many Las Vegas Hotels.  here's a photo from a ceiling inside the Las Vegas Paris hotel.

Las Vegas Paris Hotel

Repetition can make anything appear 'normal' to the unwary. Just like the heavily reinforced hyper-sexuality, or the fascination with death and violence in TV, movies and games. Lately the big push is the acceptance of the false terrorism scare, aggravated and amplified by a self-reinforcing loop: staged incident > more restrictions > more police state infrastructure > more surveillance...which then all lead to more "infractions" and "incidents" and hence MORE surveillance, MORE restrictions  and MORE paramilitary policing, leading to MORE "infractions"... etc. etc.

I know that many of you haven't seen this commercial for O2 Mobile phones, but take a look at it:

See how simple it is?  Just small little things in our media from time to time, and we begin to accept it.  This is what is called PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING
Now you see some of the SMALL things THEY do to program us....  Keep your eyes and ears open!

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  1. Maybe they put contrails in animated films to make them look more realistic.