Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trying To Keep Al Qaeda In The News

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Have you noticed?  I sure have.  Al Qaeda hasn't really been in the news lately.  So, in trying to keep the world afraid of this manufactured 'band of merry men'.
In case you missed it, the uprising in Libya is now being blamed on 'Al Qaeda influences'.

The words 'Al Qaeda' are now making it to news outlets around the world.... AGAIN.  When will this American funded, designed, and orchestrated organization be going away?  It's not like they actually DO anything.  They are just the front men, doing the bidding of The Illuminati
Well, just think about it this way:  There has been no damage to the oil wells anywhere, yet the price of oil is now well over $100 a barrel. 
As  I said in previous posts, these riots/revolutions are planned and set into play by The Illuminati.  They must get their own pawns into power, in the countries that control the world's oil reserves.  How else do you think THEY make money?  THEY raise the price of oil, (something everyone uses), thus forcing the price of delivery of our foods, and other goods to rise.  In return forcing YOU to take out larger loans, (with exorbitantly high interest rates), so you can provide for yourself, and your family.  All the money in the world is controlled by very few people.  I've heard that 90% of the money in the world, is in the hands of 10% of the people.  Sounds kind of fair, doesn't it?

I give Gaddafi two weeks, at the most.  He claims he'll die a martyr.  I suspect he runs into hiding like Mubarak did.  Not because he chooses to, but because he will be given an offer he simply cannot refuse.  Once he is out of the way, the revolutions will continue in the Middle East, and will slowly move west. 
I'm rather interested to see what happens when these manufactured revolutions hit the Western Hemisphere.  Aren't you?

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