Saturday, February 12, 2011

The People's Movement Continues

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It seems that people around the world, have taken their lead from the Egyptians, who successfully removed their 'Pharoah' from his 30 year reign of power.
 While watching AL JAZEERA

The people of Algeria have begun their turn at protesting.  The people of Yemen continue their protests, as well.

I still contest that these protests are manufactured.  Choreographed by the Powers That Be, to place the leaders of THEIR choice in the top offices.  Beginning to implement their view of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT:  To have their puppets in more governments.

I understand that the world is feeling UNITED.  As though we the people can achieve anything.  This is true.  However, what we are choosing to achieve is already selected for us.  have you ever heard of 'THE MOB MENTALITY'?  That's exactly what's happening here.  We THINK we're doing what we want.  Actually, what the people of Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, and other nations are doing is exactly what the PTB want them to. 

Kinda makes you feel like a fool, doesn't it?

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