Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julian Assange: Criminal, or Pawn?

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Not that I agree with ANYTHING the mass media tells us, particularly about "The War On Terror", I'm inclined to give a lot of credence to Julian Assange

It now seems that since Assange has done what any good journalist does:  He printed statements, and backed them up with facts, and proof of those facts, he's now the most wanted man in the world.  Kind of odd, don't you think?  Remember Osama Bin Laden?  Public Enemy Number 1.  I didn't know they caught him, (not like they were ever really looking for him anyways). 

Right now, you can't turn on a News Channel, Radio Broadcast, or pick up a Newspaper anywhere in the United States, without seeing something about Julian Assange.  Why?  Because he pointed out with FACTS what douche bags you are?  Or, is it, (and I believe it is), that he's a patsy to divert the attention away from your failing Bail-Out money?  The fact that despite all the money being thrown around across the planet, we're still going deeper and deeper into debt? 
Have you noticed that?  So much in the news about Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks, (I just noticed the site has been taken down), but nothing, or at least very little about the economy.  Why do you suppose that is?  Is it because THEY don't want us to notice what's really going on?  Is it all part of a massive brainwashing campaign?  Designed to manipulate us into believing whatever we're told by our elected officials, and news broadcasters?  Well, so far so good. 
Think for yourselves!  Do your own research!  Don't believe what you're told!  Remember:  Knowlege is power.  So arm yourself!

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