Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Al Gore Can BLOW Me!

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So, it seems that since the late 1980's, and on until today, the world has been overwhelmed by the concept of Global Warming. 
World leaders having well publicised conferences in Kyoto, Copenhagen, and now Cancun.
They are all telling us that The Earth is heating up at a record pace.  Sure, I'll buy that.  I also expect to see Santa Claus come sliding down my chimney on December 24th. 
Like most of you, I watched the propaganda film, "An Inconvenient Truth".  Al Gore's facts were interesting, but were way off the mark. 
I agree:  the Earth's temperature did rise, at a time.  But not any more.  Many scientists now believe The Earth is actually cooling.  Based on global averages, the hottest year in the last 15 years was 15 years ago: 1995.  So yes, Mr. Gore was right, if this were 20 odd years ago.  

If you live in Europe, or in many parts of the northern hemisphere, I'm sure you have a hard time agreeing with the concept of Global Warming.  Yes, Climate change is a very good likelihood, but the warming up of The Earth is a far cry from what many are experiencing now. 

Statistics will show you that the average snowfall accumulation worldwide has actually INCREASED over the last century.

As we can see, snow cover has increased about 5% since it bottomed out in 1989. 
So it seems, the majority of climate predictions have been wrong.  If you are having problems accepting these graphs and other information as fact, I ask you to do just ONE thing:  Step outside.  Are our winters not seeming longer, and harsher than when we were kids?  Our summers shorter?  Could this be the beginning of an Ice Age?  Or even a MINI-Ice Age?
All the evidence points to this.  The unfortunate part is that the Illuminati controlled media have brainwashed the majority of people into believing that Global warming is the cause du jour.  So that you will donate your hard earned money to help fight something that doesn't exist, (kind of like The War On Terror).

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