Monday, December 13, 2010

Coast To Coast

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Although I believe most of what I hear on this particular radio show is either DISinformation, or MISinformation, I continue to listen to it almost nightly.  Sometimes, they do have things right.  Although, there are also many 'plants' on the show.  I'm talking about Coast To Coast AM

I'd like you guys, (my faithful readers), to check out this little diddy done on ABC News about the show.  I'll let you come to your own conclusions.  But, bare in mind; you must be very CAREFUL when listening.  You must be able to differentiate from the REAL issues, and the ones they plant, to misinform you. 
I also listen to many other like-minded radio shows, and read many more newspapers than most.  Not just local, (North American prints), but many global ones as well.

I don't watch very much television.  The reason for that is very simple:  It's the best medium to brainwash.  Use your mind.  Think for yourself.
Now feel free to pass your judgement on Coast To Coast AM.


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