Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Luka Rocco Magnotta... The New Oswald?

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Over the last couple of weeks, Canada, and by extension, the rest of the world has been gripped, and controlled by the story of Luka Rocco Magnotta.  You know the story I'm talking about:  A Crazy Canadian guy from Montreal, who once dated Karla Homolka.  Then it was downplayed to just being 'friends' with her.

This was clearly an attempt to garner public support in Canada.  Karla Homolka is clearly one of Canada's most hated people, so why not try to connect Magnotta with her?  That is certainly an attempt to sway public opinion on him.

Let's rewind a bit here... This whole story 'broke' when a Conservative Party staffer received a severed hand in the mail.  The next person to receive a body part in the mail was a Liberal party staffer, (have to connect both sides of the political spectrum). 

The next thing we know, out of the blue comes this old video of Magnotta killing a few cats.  Apparently it had been all over the Internet a while back.  I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of it.  So, after hearing about this cat killing video, I went on a quest to find it.  I failed.  It wasn't for a lack of trying, or research skills.
All of a sudden, the TV and radio news is blowing up about this video on www.bestgore.com. 
Let's remember though, the rumour about the Magnotta video was on TV and the radio for a good day and a half before the name of the site was released by The National Post.  Needless to say I went to that site, as did most of the people in the world who have an Internet connection. I didn't expect the video to come through too quickly, so when it crashed the first few times, I wasn't surprised.  But, hour anfter hour, and day after day, I went back.  the video kept crashing, was then taken off the site, then put back on, then it crashed again, then was taken down.
No one I know personally has seen this alleged video.  the ONLY people I've even heard admit to seeing this video are people in the media.  For the most part, those you see or hear in the media, on the TV, and radio, just say what they are told to say.  Very few of them are actual investigative reporters. 
My point is, I have not seen any proof whatsoever that either of these videos actually exist.  If you've seen the video, let me know, please.

 Now, lets look at the facts from yesterday.
Magnotta was captured in a German Internet Cafe.  He had apparently walked into an Internet Cafe in Berlin, Germany.  The alert clerk working behind the counter immediately recognized him, and allerted the authorities.  Not sit back, and look at this picture again:  Magnotta who was Canada's Most Wanted for a matter of days, managed to leave the country.  Not an easy task.  He then spent the next few hours on a confined airplane with many people being able to see him, while presumeably reading newspapers, or surfing the Internet.  All of which was plastered with his photo, yet no one recognized him.
The he lands in Europe, and presumeably spends at least ONE night in a Paris hotel.  Leaves the hotel in such a hurry that he 'forgot' some of his belongings behind.  After fleeing Paris, Magnotta made his way to Berlin Germany.  Again I'll assume he either flew, took a train, a bus, or hitch-hiked.  And yet again, no one recognized him. 
So far, this is some pretty bad story-telling.  But, if you've been following the story, (and I know you have been), you know I'm not making this shit up!  There's just too many holes in the story.  We have an International Fugitive who willy-nilly goes out in public, Uses his OWN name, and goes into an Internet Cafe, instead of using his laptop in a hotel room, or Library? Am I the only person who thinks this story has been Ginned-up since it's inception?

Why is this story making headlines around the world?  The answer to that question is quite simple:  To police, and censor The Internet.  There are now reports that the Montreal Police are going to be filing charges against the host, and provider of www.bestgore.com for posting this alleged video.  The Internet is already being censored in Europe, and of just recently.  Check out this article:  The Pirate Bay Must Be Blocked.  This is how the Powers That Be, (PTB) plan to block our communications, and police what we say and do.  Think Orwell's 1984, kids.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Our freedoms are gone.  We just haven't realized it yet. 

Remember 9/11?  How we were all so easily convinced to give up a lot of our freedom to travel?  And when we did decide to travel, we are subjected to naked body scanners at airports, and now train stations.  Also, to be groped by extra security, such as the American TSA.
Now we'll be convinced to give up our Internet freedoms, as well.  No more sites like www.bestgore.com or sites like www.abovetopsecret.com or blogs such as this one.  So, myself, like many other people are practicing our freedom of speech.... While we still can.

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