Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors

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Dimon's $23 million payday isn't the problem

This is exactly what they do not want, and this is exactly why the Trayvon - Zimmerman case has been so uber hyped. It is not specific to this link or topic per se, but it deals a lot about the distraction. They fear this exact situation:

A cutout figure of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon hovers above a May 2011 protest against banks on Wall Street.

Blacks and Whites, other minorities, all races, creeds, and religions are uniting and fighting what is a major root of evil that has and is currently destroying America, and the world. THEY are terrified to death of seeing Blacks and Whites together, raising the same signs, protesting under the same banner.  For example this situation was the JP Morgan Chase CEO getting 23 Million for doing a bad job and the banks getting bailed out. I am surprised CNN did post the picture. 

Another story is the G8, NATO protesters who are not being given their voice, all the other OWS protests around the world. Something is rotten in Denmark...

While the Trayvon - Zimmerman case is tragic, it takes away from the bigger game. We are worried about the pawn while the rook is under attack.

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