Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Internet Spying

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So, the Canadian Conservative Government is about to destroy all sense of Internet privacy in Canada.  Using the famed George W. Bush line: "You're either with us, or against us.". 
Just think of Orwell's 1984.....  NO PRIVACY. 

Just Tweeted from The House of Commons
This was just Tweeted from the leader of the Green Part of Canada, sitting in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

This new bill that undoubtedly will pass, (since the Tories hold a majority), means no one will ever know what privacy is anymore.  If you have a cell, phone you can be tracked.  If you have an Internet connection, you on-line activity ca be watched. 
All of those things can be done already by our police, and government officials.  The only difference with this bill is that they can do it willy-nilly.  Without a warrant. 
Kind of sounds Orwellian, doesn't it?

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