Friday, February 10, 2012

The Facebook Conspiracy

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Over 600 MILLION active users.  That's that's roughly 2x the population of the United States.  That makes it the #1 website on the planet.  With more pageviews than sites like Yahoo, Bing, and even Google!  Only Google outranks Facebook in terms of Unique Visitors.

75% of Americans, (sorry, I'm using American statistics), and 66% of the global Internet population visit social media websites.  And, it's growing at 3x the rate of the overall Internet.

If Facebook were a nation, it would be the worlds third largest country by population.  It took just two years for it to reach it's first 50 million.  the Internet as a whole, took 5 years to reach that number.

The average American spends 66 hours a month online.  7 of those hours are spent on Facebook.  That's more than all the time spent on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia, and Amazon combined. 

4.5 BILLION updates are posted to Facebook every week.  Compare that to a global population of 6.7 billion.  Most of which don't even have computers.

Facebook delivers 2x the upstream traffic to news and media sites than Google.

Those are some pretty interesting facts, wouldn't you agree?  I myself have closed my Facebook account. I know that doesn't matter, as Facebook stores, and then resells my photo's, videos, and information to the highest bidder.

Just something to think about.....  It seems to me that the movie The Social Network wasn't entirely honest... But then again, Hollywood never is.

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