Monday, December 5, 2011

The War On Terror

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So after reading an article by a former government official, it occurred to me that he was right. We really need to use our common sense when evaluating the war on terror.
Let's start with 9/11. Stand back and think of the bigger picture here. Some 3rd world terrorists were capable of plotting this massive strike, and managed to elude the FBI, CIA, NSA, and every other agency to pull this off. And they managed to do it with...BOX CUTTERS!! Really!?!?

So since that day, we have had the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber and a r/c airplane bomber. In the case of the underwear bomber, he had coloured fireworks in his pants that wouldn't have blown up a can. And then the R/C bomber. Really!?!?

A remote controlled plane with C4 was going to blow up the Pentagon? It was hit by a 747 and barely left a hole, and one not big enough for the plane to fit into. Yet we are supposed to believe this tiny plane was going to do more damage than a multi-tonne plane loaded with jet fuel? Come on, use your head! The Times Square bomb would never have exploded. Every other plot has the same ending. So we are to believe the masterminds behind 9/11 can't even manage to get more than firework powder in someones pants?

If the terrorists wanted to do real damage, they would set off a bomb in the security lines at the airport. It would do far more damage than blowing up a plane. They could blow up an electrical substation. These are not guarded, and have only a chain link fence to protect them. Come on people, use your head. Have you ever seen a terrorist? I know I haven't. All of these plots were planted by the FBI/CIA to justify their existence.

When you step back and really look at things, what are we afraid of? These people have no nukes, no army, no navy and no missiles that can cross the ocean. Most of them barely have electricity or running water. Yet we are supposed to be terrified of them? It's time we took our craniums out of our posterior and realized we are being played!

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