Friday, January 6, 2012

SOPA - What It Means

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Simply put, SOPA is the greatest threat to free speech ever proposed by the American Government.  There are currently two proposed US legislations; SOPA, (Stop Internet Piracy Act) bill in the House, and PIPA, (Protect IP Act) in the Senate.

Here are some informational links for you:

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Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter considering "nuclear option" to protest SOPA

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SOPA: The New American Censorship?

SOPA/PIPA Copyright Bills Also Target American Sites

SOPA and PIPA are both presented by politicians with big-media money jingling around in their back pockets, front pockets, and brought into their offices in big wheel barrels by the lobbyists who run Washington.
Let us also not forget that the Canadian Government often follows closely behind the American government.  It's just a matter of time before something similar is here, too.

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