Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What An Election REALLY Means

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What do elections really mean? Many of you think that a General Federal Election means you have a voice. A voice to choose your next leader(s). You couldn't be more wrong.
Let me explain why:

Have you ever noticed, regardless of who is leading your country, that anything really changes? No. The foreign policies, and economic policies all stay the same.
After a federal Election, we may find ourselves with a new 'leader'. Again I say “No”. We find ourselves with a new puppet. The puppets change, but the puppet masters stay the same. That would be The Illuminati, The Bilderbergers, The Bohemians, The Masons, whoever you want to call them. They are all the same people. They control our provinces, nations, and planet.
Elections, and Government Parties, their members, MP’s, MPP's, and the like are just there for posturing. To make the 'little people' happy. To blind us from the real issues. When getting our street repaved is our biggest concern, we don't notice the implementation of the North American Union, and the New World Order.
As I wrote several months ago, Michael Ignatieff, (Mikael Ignatov), is not Canadian. He is not American. He is a RUSSIAN IMPOSTER.
There seems to be an inevitable General Election coming to Canada at the beginning of May this year. All things being equal, I will suggest that the next Prime Minister of Canada will be Michael Ignatieff.

So, regardless of who wins the next Federal Election in Canada, (in the next month or so), things will NOT change here. The people that control the country are not the folks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Why do you think a Minority Government lasted for so long in Ottawa? Not because of what the Polls said. But because no one really cares who is sitting in the big office in our nation's capitol. The people that really control our country are a SHADOW GOVERNMENT. I'll leave it at that. Time to discuss!

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  1. Some people say Ignorance is bliss,in this case we may be too damn late for bliss.